Aunt Mary (a horror story, idea from Bloody Mary)

 Chapter 1 a visit to the red house

On a plain morning me and my sister Jessica went to visit our aunt whose name is Victoria Agnes. 

Daddy told us that aunt Victoria was called Mary too. He said it’s okay if we call her aunt Mary. At aunt Mary’s home

We sit on the couch and waited for aunt Mary to come out. “Dad, how old is aunt Mary?” I ask. “She is 24.”dad answer.

“Are we really going to stay with her for 10 months?” Jessica ask. I can see that she’s worrying about our dog name Amber.

“Yep.”dad said. Then the wind start to blow very very hard.”What is happening?” I cry. “Hey girls!” I hear someone said.

The wind disappear. A pretty woman stand before us. She wear red, only red. “Aunt Mary?” I ask.still shaking from the wind thing.


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